You are what you Eat!

We believe "The food manufacturer is more important to your children’s health than the pediatrician.”

 This is the only time in 1000 years that the new generation is expected to have a shorter life span than the previous one due to toxicity.

Vedic Spoons as a brand believes in the revival of the Indian traditional food in a healthier and a more tasty way. We strive to provide our customers with premium quality food which contains no added preservatives as well as no added artificial colour or essence. 

We have identified age old proven Ayurvedic recipes, researched why they lost their values over time. We have then identified better ingredients to make those products tastier & healthier. We are avoiding traditional mediums of Retail selling as the product does not remain fresh & withouth preservatives. Instead we are using innovative ideas to make as per order & deliver directly to you so that you always receive Exclusive High Quality Freshly made goodies.

Benefits of Nutriprash the tastiest variant of Chyawanprash

What makes Nutriprash Unique

Once you taste you will believe in it

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Why our products are effective and efficient?

    We use Fresh Amla round the year, where as most brands use dried powder amla, bringing down the antioxidant level of the product.   We do not...

Why we do not sell in a retail outlet?

 We use all natural and premium ingredients compared to the artificial essence and flavours used by mass manufacturers,  this makes their product...

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